Tories Distribute Fake Braille Flyers (Psst: If You’re Reading This … You’re Not Blind)

From The Canadian Conservative Party has sent out direct-mail flyers boasting about the party’s track record on initiatives to help people with disabilities. The flyer has some of the text rendered in fake Braille — a picture of raised dots that are not, themselves, raised at all.

[Excerpt] Conservative flyers on disabled initiatives contain fake Braille
By: Susan Delacourt, Toronto Star

The federal Conservatives have run into a bit of an obstacle in their bid to tell blind Canadians how much they’re doing for them.

They have mass-mailed a flyer with wording that only looks like Braille — without the raised, tactile lettering that blind people need in order to read.

“Supporting Jobs for All Canadians,” reads the slogan on the flyer, the words duly rendered below in a series of Braille dots. But any blind person who touches the dots would find only a flat surface — unreadable letters, then, for many of the roughly 280,000 people in Canada who are visually impaired.


Not Confirmed: Next week the Tories will be releasing their campaign song for the deaf.

Not Braile

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