The primary mandate of the Abbotsford School District’s Traditional Advisory Committee (TAC) is to assist in the long-term planning of Traditional Schools and to create consistency across the schools for continued excellence in learning, TAC Chair and Auguston Elementary Principal Woody Bradford reported to the Board. The five traditional schools in district are:

  • Abbotsford Traditional Secondary
  • Abbotsford Traditional Middle
  • Auguston
  • King Elementary
  • South Poplar Elementary

Key TAC work this year has been on connecting across districts and organizing a Fraser Valley Traditional Schools Conference; a more balanced and equitable approach to enrollment and waitlists, and an on-line reservation system to register children.

Next year’s system will be open for a period of five days in January rather than a few hours. Newly developed criteria for selection to register for kindergarten at a traditional school will include that the child must be a resident within the district, and a balance between boys and girls for the in-coming school cohort.

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