Traffic Stop Ends With A Kiss

By February 23, 2015Life

Submitted. Imagine being pulled over by a police officer and the officer doesn’t give you a ticket but a kiss instead!

This is what drivers were surprised with on Valentine’s Day in Abbotsford. The Fraser Valley Integrated Road Safety Unit (FV IRSU) did just that last Saturday, February 14th.

The chocolate filled initiative was a way to remind drivers of road safety which ended with a little chocolate treat… a Hershey’s Kiss.

Cpl. Leisa Shea of FV IRSU stated “one of our officers, Cst. Paul Stevens, took it upon himself to buy several pounds of Hershey Kisses to hand out to motorists. The road safety initiative was well received and people were tweeting positive messages about it.”

One recipient of the “kiss” tweeted out (not while driving) “…roadblock at Harris Road and Olund Road in Abbotsford. Got a kiss from the female officer…it was chocolate.”

The goal was to remind drivers of the importance of road safety; buckle up, slow down, pay attention and don’t drive while impaired. Adding in the sweet treat at the end was a kind and thoughtful surprise. “People’s faces lit up when we handed out the chocolate” said Cpl. Shea.

This was an excellent initiative on behalf of the FV IRSU Officers and it shows that the police have a heart too. We ask the public to remember that when we pull you over it is because we want you to get home safely” says Cpl. Ronda Rempel of BC RCMP Traffic Services.

“You may not always be greeted with chocolate but know our intention is always your safety and the safety of others.”

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