Trans And Genderqueer March Set For Aug 2

Submitted. Since 2010, trans and genderqueer people in Vancouver have been marching before the Pride weekend. This march is a political protest and a celebration of gender diversity.

Marchers will assemble at 5:30pm, Clark Park, E 14th and Commercial Dr. for sign making. The march will commence at 6pm, going north on Commercial Drive, turning east on Grant St, and ending at Victoria Park. Allies are enthusiastically invited and welcome.

The march protests issues impacting trans and genderqueer people including harassment, violence, denial of express protections against discrimination, employment, housing and educational insecurity and a prison system that places trans people in solitary confinement.

This march is also a celebration of trans and genderqueer people’s lives, their struggles, strength and resilience

Following the march, there is an all ages cabaret and dance party at Gallery Gachet. Proceeds from the event will go to PACE, a sex worker advocacy and support organization.

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