Tsakumis Predicts De Jong Loss

One of BC’s most read pundits on provincial politics, Alex Tsakumis, has joined a growing list of those predicting that Moe Gill will win the Abbotsford-West riding in tomorrow’s provincial election.

Tsakumis is also predicting that John van Dongen will win Abbotsford South and that the Liberals will hold Abbotsford-Mission with a Simon Gibson victory.

His overall predictions for the province are as follows:

NDP – 58 seats
LIB – 21 seats
IND – 5 seats
GRN – 1 seats
CON – 0 seats

To read his full column simply click here.

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  • DeceitinDrugs says:

    Michael DeJong has served Abbotsford well,w hen it comes to
    a select group of self-interest people in this city.

    Otherwise, he is not all connected with the everyday taxpayer
    in this city.

    Our city received grants, due to his close relationship with developers/big business in this city, who were campaign
    donators/supporters and have specific self-interest goals
    for the city of Abbotsford.

    Michael DeJong’s funding has always come through, at a time,
    when the City of Abbotsford did not have the funds due to
    fiscal mismanagement.

    What will they do, when Michael DeJong will no longer be there
    with the gravy train of funding for infrastructure and charity
    projects for the city?

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