Tuffy And Seymour Are Looking For Their Forever Home

By May 1, 2014Pets

From Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue. Seymour and Tuffy will be looking for a home together. At this point in time we are not considering separate homes as we feel they would be happiest together. They are both sweet dogs and are adapting very well to their foster home.

Here is what his foster mama has to say…
“Two cute! These ‘brothers from another mother’ play together, walk side by side and couch surf tail to tail. Both are affectionate, fun, energetic and social with dogs and people but timid with small children. Good at ‘sit,’ getting better at ‘stay.’ Great in the car and home alone. Not food focused, moreso grazers who like wet mixed with kibble.

Tuffy: this wee, sweet guy is the bolder of the 2 and protective of Seymour, often grooming his bro. Loves being at your side, a brisk game of fetch and his fair share of attention. A bit yappy when defending his turf, but learning ‘quiet.’
Seymour: shy but very playful and loving. Not a human shadow like Tuffy, but wants to be in on the action/affection. Loves a game of ‘fetch ‘n chase,’ belly rubs and soft talk. Not a bit barker unless others initiate. Such a good boy.”

Tuffy and Seymour are a bonded pair and are available for adoption together. They are approximately 4 and 5 years old and are neutered males, weighing approximately 10 and 18 pounds.

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