Twain’s Imbeciles Alive And Well In Abbotsford

By April 3, 2014Abnor, Satire

By Abnor. I was wandering through Jubilee Park Saturday and I couldn’t help notice how empty it was. It made me wonder why Mayor Banman was so angry about homeless men and women who were living there before Christmas that he brought in armed police, ambulances, fire inspectors, spotlights, and put up barricades before throwing them all out in the cold.

(Image from Lynn Perrin’s Facebook page)

Nobody was using the park before them and nobody seems to be using it now. Somebody told me he spent somewhere between $50,000 and $250,000 on the homeless men and women of the Drug War Survivors last year when you add up the money spent on police, lawyers, public works crews, chicken feces.

Imagine how many portapotties, showers, clean clothes and sandwiches that would have meant if he had only decided to invest in the health and well being of his citizens instead beating, harassing and chasing them all over town because they don’t own or rent houses.

If he has that kind of money to throw around attacking his own citizens, surely he can find the money to help feed them, find a piece municipal property they could live on or help them find shelter.

For awhile I thought he must be a Realtor because he seems so focused on getting people who can’t afford homes out of town.

Then I was told he was fighting for citizens rights to use the park. There were more people dropping in to visit the homeless camp, bringing their children by to meet the homeless, using the swings and just hanging out. Now it’s empty.

I sometimes wonder about the people who end up at the top of government and business. They often seem to make really silly decisions. And while I used to think it was just me – What do I know about running a city – but I’m beginning to wonder if only the people who can;t hold down real jobs are the ones who become politicians.

Just like them, the homeless can’t hold down real jobs. Maybe we should get them to switch places.

But what do I know about running a city …

Abbotsford's Homeless Protest moves into it's 7th month. Bas Stevens Photo

Abbotsford’s Homeless Protest moves into it’s 7th month. Bas Stevens Photo


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