Two Of FVMBA’s Finest Need Your Help

By May 5, 2013Sports News

From FVMBA We’re putting the call out to the FVMBA Mountain Biking community. The BC Bike Race is offering up two free entries into this years race to “someone who makes mountain biking happen in your community”.

FVMBA is fortunate to have had two of our members selected as finalist in their contest. You will need to LIKE BCBR’s page, then read through all the submissions.

You only get to vote once, but every Facebook member can vote, so get your family and friends involved. Make your vote count by voting for either Eugene Sepke or Matt Scott.

These guys are truly making mountain biking happen in the Fraser Valley and they need all the support we can get.

Hopefully, if we get enough of our community to vote, we can send both of these guys to the BC Bike Race. The winners will be announced on May 8th.

For more on the Fraser Valley Mountain Biking Association please use the link in our Sports Directory or simply click here.

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