Unacceptable, Deplorable, Reprehensible …

Justice James Williams¬† On The City of Abbotsford’s alleged treatment of the homeless men and women in Jubilee Park in his judgement on Friday, December 20.

“In my respectful view, those who might be inclined to see them simply as troublemakers, malcontents, people looking for a handout or a free ride, fail to understand that this is a societal problem, one that merits the sincere consideration of the public.”

“It is the Christmas season,” he said.

“The weather conditions are difficult. The situations of these persons seem particularly grim.”

“The allegations suggest agents of the state, municipal employees, have been at least in part responsible for such activities,” said Williams.

“Conduct of that sort, if it were to have occurred, is simply entirely unacceptable. It is deplorable and reprehensible. I can’t imagine that any fair-minded and decent person would think otherwise.”

From: ‘Grim’ finale for homeless camp, by Glenda Luymes, Vancouver Province

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