Unnecessary, Unhealthy Noise Makers

By February 12, 2015Letters, Pop Voice

Open Letter to Provincial Government, Mayors & Councils

Poor judgment & the stroke of a pen enabled “Propane Cannons” to be wrongly enshrined within “Right to Farm Legislation” and since, inept Farmers presumably condoned by more progressive and indeed the BC Berry Council, have wrongly protected this small bunch of “unnecessary unhealthy noise makers” since inception.

Sadly, Municipal Councils elected to represent Citizens have been hog-tied by inane Provincial Legislation and thus are curtailed from effective and compassionate representation of Citizens in favour of having to condone abuse that ought to rightly be within Municipal Bylaws, specifically unnecessary unhealthy noise, that surely today in a more educated climate, such a provision in a Provincial Right to Farm Act would never see the light of day. Yet, where are the educated, progressive and compassionate Leaders today, who, by the same “stroke of a pen”, could rightly wipe this draconian Legislation out of the Right to Farm Act and demand Berry Farmers engage other Citizens in a respectful and more astute business manner, as most other Farmers who do not resort to this incessant noise as a Bird control measure, my word.

Several Municipalities, now apparently Abbotsford, the more adept Leaders at representing Constituents have tried in vain to amend Bylaws to curb this unwanted noise. Whereas, this noise is clearly a major “Health & Welfare effect upon all hearing” and a redundant means to control birds, given the multitude of other devices, most used by most farmers.

Thus, the simple task to remove propane Canons from this undeserved protection of the Right to Farm Act would restore fairness to the “Act” and bring deserved relief to the many neighbours of the inept Farmer across BC using the outdated and ineffective Propane Cannon, and yes, restore some credibility to both the (Act) and the BC Blueberry Council itself.

The dilemma is unnecessary, unhealthy noises that are harmful to one’s health and mental state. Incessant noises can cause anxiety, stress and at best, alienate neighbours. Further, many health problems can arise from incessant noises, of any nature, that in themselves cause distress, annoyance, cause sleep deprivation, can cause mental breakdowns, in more acute cases being exposed to noise can contribute to severe hearing losses including deafness in due course, to heart attack, to stroke and sadly a plethora of related hearing and disease implications.

Probably an estimated 90.0% of the population haven’t the remotest clue of severe impact noise may have. Clearly an estimated 90.0% respond in an ignorant and usually anecdotal manner, to unwisely and unjustly, if not unwarranted, criticize the (complainer) for no sane reason, except they felt like doing so, to either a self-interest end (being the perpetrator of noises) or self-gain, such as with useless Propane Cannons. Sadly, a berry industry, rather than act upon inept farmers, instead band together wrongly claiming the mass wealth generated by an (Industry) arguing wrongly in a defenceless cause. As well, some Politicians & Media alike, following blindly instead of demanding noise stop, offending farmers be identified in comparison to the complete complement of farmers and why most do not use Propane Cannons?

Mission Raceway is clearly an anomaly in the wrong location, doesn’t generate anywhere near the exorbitant revenues claimed, without fact but it is a sacred cow to some. The Raceway benefactors of short-sighted politicians who wrongly located a popular event in a downtown growth area of a growing city. Indeed, this albatross while a sport I support, as being the Father of a Dragster Race car Owner since back in the 50’s when the old raceway was in the current Junction Shopping Centre site but wrong choices by inept leaders, witness a move to the current site. Changes to muffler system could likely remedy most noise but again, a sacred-cow “don’t modify mufflers, we love the noise that prevails and generates a sense of euphoria”. As well, I believe drag racing hours and size of vehicles has increased over the years, making more offensive, to increasing numbers of residents nearby.

The unwelcome noises are usually rationalized by truly ignorant people, such as, the few, claiming to love the loud train whistles and wheel screeching noise as romantic, nostalgia or other such foolish sentiments.

The incessantly barking Dog is typically because of lazy and ignorant Guardians, who don’t investigate the incessant barking, claiming “dogs bark you know”, seemingly to pacify neighbours. Regardless, Dogs could be in distress, scared by a possible predator, possible intruder planning to break-in to a home, but some can’t budge from the chesterfield or put the beer and TV changer down long enough to have a look.

Whether the irresponsible motorcycle driver with modified pipes, roaring through neighbourhoods, at all hours or the overwhelming Boom Box Stereo owners, again awakening and annoying neighbourhoods they drive through, at all hours, with Boom Box blasting Booom Booom Boom but like all unnecessary noises, the perpetrator can rely upon a predominant apathetic residents and often a uneducated and leaderless similarly moribund & indifferent group of authorities and elected Politicians lacking the political will to act with due diligence and pro-active, progressive vision.

Unnecessary unhealthy noises are perpetrated by irresponsible people and many of the same ilk actually try to justify their utter distain and contempt toward society and some sick bent to knowingly alienate all in hearing range, with their varied noises. Simply not caring one iota for others well-being, health or right to enjoy peace and quiet of their homes, then have the audacity to make such outlandish anecdotal statements in support of their bad behaviours or condoning senseless actions of others of their same ilk.

One of the most profane, a few remark, “propane cannon berry farmers were here first, so move if noise bothers you and the same stupid reason is heard about the Raceway”, that in both accounts is mostly wrong. But likewise, if people did not move to Mission locales near the Raceway due to noise, we would witness a barren wasteland like before, occupied by lumber mills and other eye-sores, but if expansion proceeds, as envisioned, complaints will dramatically increase as population fills in new housing within 10KM of the Racetrack.

So, the remedy is to mediate all unhealthy noises, knowingly developing neighbourhoods but do so from an informed and caring perspective, a knowlede of immense health concerns that may emanate, and simply stop the utter ridiculous justification for unnecessary unhealthy noise, by stop blaming those disturbed who are, often desperately, asking for help. The individuals denying serious noise matters, as only emanating from complainers are part of the divisive community that has emerged and perpetuate the lack of inclusive community we might enjoy if more people became educated about serious implication of noises, took some sensitivity training and became part of the solution instead of endless stupidity by their insensitive and ignorant remarks to justify noise makers.

Persons interested in finding out more about the complication and serious implication of unhealthy noises can view our web.site www.thecounilclaw.ca ‘click” Anti-Noise Pollution Program but to become informed please proceed with an open-mind and a caring heart to do something constructive.

Yours truly,

George F. Evens

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