Unnecessary Unhealthy Noises

By July 28, 2014Guest Columns, Issues

y George F. Evens. It is time to treat unnecessary unhealthy noises as the health risk and major alienation of residents they are. A fundamental understanding that unnecessary incessant noise is unhealthy, harmful to babies, children and adults alike.

Noise in any form is a cause of health concerns, whether as intrusive as a hot tub or air conditioner pump at a neighbours, to increasing disturbance of peace and quiet, including sleep deprivation, by boom box stereos, incessantly barking dogs, train whistles during quiet of night, noisy mufflers of motorcycles or vehicles, to dragster noise or offensive and useless propane cannons used by more inept farmers instead of effective bird scare devices.

They all culminate in creating health problems, from heart conditions, to hearing loss, to sleep deprivation, to neighbour alienation, to disturbing peace & quiet of one’s home.

Government failure to adopt legislation to prohibit unnecessary noises is repugnant and dereliction of duty of an elected person to represent Constituents.

A more informed look is needed by all, including use of train whistles at controlled crossing and emergency vehicles during nighttime hours when no traffic present, a fundamental understanding that all such noises are impacting upon a families health.

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