Update On Web Streaming FVRD Committee Meetings

By March 2, 2015Letters

Dear Editor. A follow-up to: FVRD Meetings Are Now Webcast 

At the FVRD RACS and EASC committee level only one director (that I could see from the limited minutes) Dennis Adamson stood up in favor of web streaming committees meetings that taxpayers are already paying for.

I was told by someone present that it was brought up that being on camera might affect how people act. While I would agree that it does for many, I would also say that transparency of complete and accurate info on what are often timely issues, and how people stand, is in the greater public interest.

Of those that choose to serve the public, they should be willing to take a stand for them in a variety of transparent public forums that could include being on camera or in front of thousands. If you can’t do that in a small local committee meeting and still be genuine, then maybe you signed up for the wrong position. When it is not closed door info, why would you not want to share detailed info, should be questioned by the public.

P.s. Likewise there is only one director left that opposed the Aggregate Pilot Project that an overwhelming majority of the public were opposed to.

Wendy Bales.

Wendy Bales is the past Director for Area C of the FVRD

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