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By February 19, 2015Abbotsford News

Experts Talk About Building a Better City as Part of Abbotsforward Project

Update: Doors to the event open at 6:30pm at the Reach Gallery Museum.

Submitted. The City of Abbotsford is hosting planning experts Jeffrey Tumlin and Brent Toderian on February 25 for an evening talk about building a better city.

The event promises to provide unique insights into planning and city building, including how we can build a
vibrant, walkable and livable community. Doors to the event open at 6:30pm at the Reach Gallery Museum.
The evening will include talks from each guest followed by time for questions from the audience.Space is limited, however, reservations are not required. Additional details can be found at www.abbotsford.ca.

Mayor Henry Braun says, “We have the unique opportunity in front of us with the largest city-shaping exercise we’ve ever done as a community. The Abbotsforward project will update Abbotsford’s Official Community Plan and provide strategic direction for Abbotsford’s future so resident input is vital toward our success.”

“Abbotsforward is already shaping up as a once-in-a-generation conversation about new visions and ideas for the city at 200,000 people, and we’ve just gotten started! But every big, better idea comes with tough choices and important gut-check moments. Smart, successful cities are embracing those moments, are doing better math on smarter city-making, and are rethinking business-as-usual. I’m really excited to be a part of the process here in Abbotsford.” – Brent Toderain

Involving residents in Abbotsforward

The Abbotsforward project is in the midst of a six week public engagement campaign looking for input and ideas for Abbotsford’s future. Residents are asked to share their vision and ideas through a number of ways, including taking an online survey, visiting a road show event, hosting a citizen circle with family or friends, and going on a neighbourhood walk with the Abbotsfoward team.

So far, residents have provided 1,100 surveys, 900 road show visits, 330 sticky note comments, and countless map dots – and there is still time to provide more input!

Details about upcoming Abbotsforward events and opportunities can be found at www.abbotsford.ca, and regular updates are also on Twitter (@Abbotsforward) and Facebook (CityOfAbbotsford).

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