Valley News: Chilliwack’s Toxic Day In Court Set For Sept 17

From Glen Thompson. 120,000 members of the Toxic Waste Coalition, 16,000 petition signers and approximately 12,000 civic election voters are waiting for Wed Sep 17th when The Outdoor Recreation Council \ Thompson VS The City of Chilliwack comes to trial in the BC Supreme Court.

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I expect the City’s promotion of a Waste Based Economy in the Catermole industrial park along the Banks of the Fraser will be a key issue in the civic election. People don’t want the Meat Rendering Plant M6 zoning or the Toxic Processing Plant M6 zoning both on Cannor road. We hope in November the result will be a more balanced and transparent city council that promotes businesses and economic development in a healthy and responsible manner.

For more on Chilliwack’s proposed toxic waste facility click here.

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