Valley News: Strahl Quits Spy Job

The Vancouver Observer is reporting that former Chilliwack MP Chuck Strahl has resigned as Canada’s spy watchdog after being outed as a lobbiest for Enbridge Northern Gateway.

[excerpt] Chuck Strahl resigns as Canada’s top spy watchdog
“Please accept this letter as formal notice of my decision to step down as Chair of the Security Intelligence Review Committee.”

With that, Chuck Strahl stepped down as Canada’s top spy watchdog.

The embattled head of SIRC came under heavy scrutiny after the Vancouver Observer broke the story on Jan. 4 that Strahl had as a lobbyist for Enbridge Northern Gateway.

Comment from Dogwood Initiative on Facebook:
Former MP Chuck Strahl has resigned as chairman of the federal committee that oversees the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

Kudos to The Vancouver Observer for breaking the story a couple of weeks ago about the absurdity of Strahl being BOTH a spy agency watchdog AND a registered Enbridge lobbyist.

Why was that absurd? Well, CSIS has spied on groups committed to protecting the coast from oil spills in the past AND has allegedly shared some of that information with companies like, well, Enbridge.

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