Vic Toews, You Could’ve Been Our Cheney

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By Steve Burgess. Eclipsed by media-hog mayors and senators, the Public Safety Minister resigns. Too soon, I say.

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[excerpt] Vic Toews is leaving politics. Last Monday, the Public Safety Minister announced his plan to resign his cabinet post and his seat in Parliament. Toews’ statement declared that he plans to focus on his family, so it might be a good idea for Toews’ family members to change their email passwords. As for the rest of us, let the word go out: the heat is off. It is now safe to get with the child pornographers.

It was early last year that Toews endeared himself to Canadians by suggesting that those who opposed plans to ease police and government access to private communications were siding with the kiddie porn crowd. Toews also oversaw the scrapping of the long gun registry, rejected plans for independent oversight of the RCMP and won the Nobel Prize for his role in bringing an end to South African apartheid. (Note: While catching up on this week’s news I may have opened up too many browser tabs.)

No, Toews’ departure has been marked by a distinct absence of tears and/or candlelight vigils. It may be that Toews’ supporters are intending to mark his resignation privately. If so, the RCMP may want to monitor their communications to make sure nothing inappropriate is being planned. Vic’s true supporters will understand.
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