Video: How Liberal Govt is Bankrupting BC Hydro

From Rafe Mair, Damien Gillis exposes the Liberal party’s true economic track record, including the $100 Billion in secret taxpayer liabilities they’ve hidden from the public. Foremost among these debts are $55 Billion worth of sweetheart private power contracts which are driving up power bills and putting BC’s venerable public power utility on the path to financial ruin.

Damien Gillis
From the Georgia Strraight. Damien Gillis is a Vancouver-based documentary filmmaker with a focus on water, energy, and wild salmon. His short documentaries, such as “Farmed Salmon Exposed”, “Oil in Eden”, and “Powerplay: The Theft of BC’s Rivers”, have played in dozens of film festivals around the world and garnered hundreds of thousands of views online.

Damien is a passionate defender of the environmental and public interest in his native British Columbia, and has traveled extensively throughout the province, documenting various issues and speaking to large crowds with his colleague Rafe Mair, former BC Environment Minister and Hall of Fame broadcaster.

Together, the two recently launched a new online journal dedicated to environmental and political issues in Canada, The Common Sense Canadian – at

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