Waiting For Banman

By May 29, 2014Abnor, Pop Voice, Satire

By Abnor. I was talking to some of the folks down at the TeePee and they say they’re still waiting for Bruce Banman to drop by for a drag on the peace pipe.

A few Abbotsford councillors have bothered to get involved in the Abbotsford Homelessness Crisis. Patrica Ross, no matter what people say about her, actually wants to meet a homeless person. “I’ll go stay at her house any day,” was what one TeePee resident told me when I told everyone she really wants to help.

But seriously, I know my editor loves making fun of Patty, but I think she really wants to accomplish something for the homeless.

I know Dave Loewen gives a damn. My editor makes fun of Dave a lot to but, when it comes to the people at the bottom … I think Dave gives a shit.

 Nathan Lane and Bill Irwin in Samuel Beckett's 'Waiting for Godot'

Nathan Lane and Bill Irwin in Samuel Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’

Henry Braun is the only one who ever came to down to visit us in Jubilee Park. It kinda felt like Jesus visiting the lepers. He wasn’t afraid. He wasn’t phony. He was just a guy who wanted to know what the fuck our lives were like.

I heard he said that, if he had gone through some of the shit we’ve been through, he’d be a doper just like us.

For Real!

I wish we could vote. Those three people would get my vote.

We’re all still waiting for Mayor Banman to visit but hey … the last time he was down in this part of town there was chicken shit everywhere.

I don’t know if … do you think maybe … he’s not coming?

It’s probably better that way :'(


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  • Observation says:

    Abnor I am usually in agreement with you but I don’t agree that Patricia Ross and Dave Loewen want to accomplish something for the homeless. This crisis reached epic proportions when Today began writing about it. But the brain trust at city council knew about this issue for a long time — it didn’t just happen. Seems like Henry Braun was the first to highlight and then Patricia Ross, John Smith and our loveable Dave Loewen climbed aboard the train. Particularly now as there is a fall municipal election upon us.

  • Deceit in Drugs says:

    One must give Loewen credit for trying to help homless/addicted…he
    has voted for low barrier housing in the past and spoke out in favour
    of the drug addicted and homeless in the past.

    As for Patty, hey, as the saying goes, it’s better late than never…it’s all about understanding…the key to change in attitude and beliefs.

    We must give Patty the benefit of the doubt and it is encouraging to
    see move towards positive change on the issue of homelessness in

    Building an inclusive community is a benefit for all citizens, business
    and development.

    How we treat the homeless is a reflection of the people in the community and how powerful is that for attracting more people and need for greater services, programs and the necessary development to
    sustain the community.

  • Observation says:

    My point re Patricia Ross is that she is an opportunist. Sad to say but the homeless issue is one that is “sexy” to politicians particular as there is an election on the horizon. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to help the downtrodden if they had the wherewithall, influence, and/or resolve? But it has taken far too long for Patrica Ross and other council members to actually do something about the issue until it became a crisis and made national news. Unfortunately it takes a crisis for politicians to act otherwise it becomes a public relations disaster for them and that translates into less votes. The fact that the sham of a task force is attempting to do something that will help the homeless is a step in the right direction but the end result remains to be seen.

    I wholeheartedly believe council were aware of the chicken manure being spread they just didn’t expect it would hit the fan.

    As for better late than never, sure that is good if the homeless in this community benefit but if they do it will also be because an opportunist such as Patrica Ross sees how she can make herself shine. Perhaps it is a survival skill politicians have because they are about – ‘How will this make me look with the voters?’ not ‘I care.’

    The homelessness issue in Abbotsford should never have come to such crisis proportions and as such city council should be held to a higher standard as that is what they campaign on. They are elected because they are supposed to be smarter that everyone else — or so they say.

  • Bas Stevens says:

    In every management model there is a crisis module. The problem here in Abbotsford is that the city has been continually running in crisis mode for quite some time. The problem is that they have not been able to resolve one crisis before the next one hits.

    We have gone from the anti harm reduction to the destruction of tents to the pepper spraying of tents and belongings to the chicken manure incident to Jubilee Park to the Roy Roberts needless takedown to the delaying by the city of numerous human rights complaints in an attempt to avoid a judgment prior to this fall’s municipal election. Each and everyone of these represents a crisis; each has flowed into the next without any “downtime” or the opportunity for the return to a semblance of order or normalcy.

    All of the above are indicators of poor management and no leadership!

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