Warm, Dry Spring Weather Brings Unwanted Fires.

Submitted. The Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service reminds the citizens of Abbotsford that the pleasant spring weather we have enjoyed can create ideal conditions for unwanted outdoor fires.

Deputy Fire Chief Mike Helmer said “With the warm and dry conditions we have experienced in the Abbotsford area recently, areas of grass, hedges and bark mulch landscaping have quickly become tinder dry. Even one carelessly discarded cigarette can cause a major fire in a matter of minutes.” He urges smokers to use non-combustible ashtrays and to never flick their cigarette butts onto the side of the road. He also suggested that all citizens should make themselves familiar with the city’s burning regulations.

In the past week, Abbotsford firefighters have responded to two brush fires, two hedge fires and one bark mulch fire. Most of those relatively small fires had the potential to spread quickly and cause serious damage. Abbotsford is a city surrounded by farmland and forests – both of which increase the risk of a serious interface fire.

The City of Abbotsford regulates all outdoor burning using the Fire Service Bylaw and between June 1st and September 30th, a total burning ban is in effect. Outdoor cooking is permitted using charcoal briquettes, natural gas or propane fuelled appliances but extra caution should be taken when using.

Currently, there is a $500.00 fine for discarding burning substances (this includes cigarettes) and a $500.00 fine for burning during the fire ban. Persons that cause accidental fires may also be charged cost recovery fees or possibly face criminal charges.

Please contact the Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service non-emergency line at 604-853-3566 regarding any questions on outdoor burning in the City of Abbotsford.

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