Well, Chicken Shoot**

By James Breckenridge. It seems the press and all who considered the City of Abbotsford unprincipled and ethically challenged for using chicken fecal matter to contaminate an area being used by the homeless as a camp, were wrong.

It seems we all, other than the mayor, council and city staff, failed to grasp or understand that the use of chicken fecal matter as a sort of poor man’s biological weapon against the homeless, was the fault of the homeless themselves.

“The homerless made us do it!”

How did the homeless force the City of Abbotsford to deploy chicken fecal matter?

By failing to move when asked by city staff, thereby forcing the City of Abbotsford to deploy chicken fecal matter against them.

Apparently, the fact that it was the actions of the city that drove the homeless to where they were camping and that the homeless had nowhere else to go is irrelevant.


True compassion is not something that turns on and off

As the City of Abbotsford’s war on the homeless increased in intensity over the last year and the city’s pursuit of the homeless escalated to and beyond harassment, I would have liked to be able to deliver a swift kick in the posterior to city staffers who were acting as foot soldiers in the mayor and council’s war on the homeless.

However, the fact that city staff not only employed chicken fecal matter as a biological weapon but felt that the homeless were responsible, that the homeless forced the use of chicken fecal matter by failing to move on, when ordered by the city to do so, reveals the damage done to city staff forced to carry out the mayor and council’s war on the homeless.

Psychologists know that if you force human beings to treat other human beings as disposable trash, they begin to think of, to consider, other human beings as disposable trash.

This change in attitude in how fellow human beings are viewed and thought of and it is not limited to their targets [the homeless], but like any infection grows and affects how all human beings are viewed.

Unchecked this infection corrupts; a corruption that has, on previous infestations, led to Nuremburg; listening to people explain how they were not responsible because ‘they were just following orders’.

The harsh reality is that it is not only the homeless who are victims of the policies and actions of the mayor and council. The mayor and council’s war on the homeless has damaged city staff’s mental wellness, humanity and ethics.


For years mayors, city council and city hall have treated farmers in Abbotsford as cash cows..

So the utter disregard mayor and council showed for Abbotsford’s chicken farmers by dumping chicken waste where it would be tracked throughout Abbotsford and ignoring the fact that the people who would be walking through and tracking the chicken waste wherever they went are the people who do the chicken catching and day labour, is no surprise.

After all, disregard for the needs and best interests of the citizens of Abbotsford is another long standing policy and behaviour of Abbotsford’s mayor and council.

What kind of Health Care …

Can someone explain how Fraser Health could possible state that having chicken waste tracked around Abbotsford by several hundred people is not a hazard to people’s health?

Can anyone think of any animal waste that could be dumped that would pose more of a hazard to the health of Abbotsford’s citizens as it was tracked around Abbotsford?

The location where the City of Abbotsford dumped its bio-hazardous material is part of a major thoroughfare for those traveling on foot, as a result you have 100 – 200 sets of feet a day that passed through the chicken waste and tracked the bio-hazard around Abbotsford.

Yet when questioned about the hazard to public health posed by the actions of the City of Abbotsford, Fraser Health considered/stated there was nothing to be concerned about.

Go Figure.

**Some people say “shoot” instead of “shit.” They can’t fool me, man. “Shoot” is “shit” with two o’s. – George Carlin 

James Breckenridge HeadshotJames Breckenridge
James Breckenridge is a former chartered accountant and advocate for the homeless from Abbotsford BC. He has written extensively on the topic of homelessness in BC’s Bible Belt most recently in a feature called – Abbotsford’s Obsessive Compulsive Treatment Of The Homeless.

He can be reached at jmswbreckenridge@msn.com

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