What Do You Think: Are We Being Too Negative?

By February 21, 2013What Do You Think?

“I believe your article was written to confuse or generate more negative news about the City since that prob[l]ably drives traffic and ad[ds] clicks. Just my opinion.”

Comment received on Abbotsford Today story – Abbotsford Mission Real Estate Prices Hit Hardest In Lower Mainland – published 21/02/13

What Do You Think? Did we misunderstand or misrepresent the statistics? Tell us. We really want to know.

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  • The Editor says:

    A summary of some of the comments we received so far:

    1. “Mixing sales and listings is never a good comparison – it muddies the water That’s what the FVREB article does.”

    2. “In the stats you reference for detached homes in Abbotsford – sales increased from 44 to 50 from Dec 12- Jan 13 – a 13% increase while median prices dropped 1.1%

    “Your conclusion that 1.1 % is a significant drop is probably mistaken and could easily be a seasonal anomaly.”

    3. “Abby prices are holding. Listings are up which is not a good sign however.

    “The future doesn’t look good.

    “Overall Fraser Valley sales year to date from 2012-2013 are down 22.8% from 799 to 617 across the region.

    “All that being said, the stats for Greater Vancouver are really bad and those will eventually push their way out here.”

    4. “One area where it is completely clear the prices are falling fast is Richmond. I would say solidly down 10% in past 10 months. The average/median and benchmark are all steadily down and it is a clear trend without sales mix issues. Many sales are now occurring for 30-40% off the asking from last spring.”

    5. “If you look back – let’s say to 2011 – what kind of volume drops do we see? This is a direct correlation to agent commissions – so think about it – if your industry had decreases of this amount, how many layoffs would there be?

    “Massive …

    “It would be interesting to see how this has affected the lifestyles of these service providers.”

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