What Do You Think: Loewen Launches Twitter Campaign So Canadians Pay For Abbotsford’s Infrastructure Deficit

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  • Dave Loewen, along with most of the current Council chose to squander Abbotsford’s tax dollars on glitzy, showy mega projects, rather than use the money entrusted to their care for the boring, bread and butter needs of our City, water, sewer, ageing infrastructure, facilities for our local needs.

    Council talked about needing more recreational facilities as far back as 2005. If that was a legitimate need back then, what can explain the enormous campaign launched by Council and staff to get a ‘YES’ vote for the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre?

    How did the needs of our local boys and girls, teens, middle-aged and seniors get so badly derailed, in favour of millions and millions poured into the white elephant on King Road – for BIG NAME STUFF ONLY.

    Ah, but now we’ve moved into the big leagues. We can play with celebrities now. The AESC was never built with the needs of our own people in mind – at the very time that Mark Taylor was lamenting the shortage of facilities for our town, he and the movers at City Hall used every resource at their power to jam
    through the ill-conceived Plan A.

    But they did not know how to operate the monolith, so any profit that might, eventually, have come our way, now heads south in Global Spectrum pockets. Worse followed when Council bribed a hockey team to play in the AESC, with an annual $5.7 million guaranteed subsidy. That sneaky deal was kept from our eyes for 9 months.

    Dave Loewen, you bear a huge responsibility for the very bad state of our finances. We see no contrition from you. Only the same inability to comprehend what it means to care for and watch over the City that you want to govern.

    Your proposed multi-million cash gift to the Y shows a man and his colleagues bereft of common sense.

    • DeceitinDrugs says:

      The municipalities do require infrastructure funds
      from the Federal and Provincial government, when
      it comes to water and sanitary sewer infrastructure
      given the enormous costs of new water/sewer capital

      Abbotsford, however, was informed in September, 2006,
      just before the plan A vote about the need to increase
      DCC’S, in order to pay for new water infrastructure,
      but, they did not increase DCC’S, until, begin of 2008
      and then, by 2010, the rates were back to less than 2007

      The city had unprecedented building permit values,
      until end of 2008 and one of the highest DCC rates,
      yet, paid, the least into water.

      The question remains:

      How much in infrastrucutre funds should the federal and provincial government hand over to a municipality, which has been financially irresponsible with the taxpayer’s money, not collecting adequate infrastructure funds to pay for priority needs of water,sewer,roads
      for, it’s growing community?

      As I recall, Mr Loewen, previously stated, it is important for
      the City of Abbotsford to find new sources of revenue, rather
      than depend on the federal and provincial government for funds.

      So, what changed his view on this issue?

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