What Is A Site Survey?

By Integral Consultants. What is a site survey?
A building survey is an extensive investigation of the construction of a property to determine its overall condition. The report which is provided consequently includes guidance on maintenance and remedial works. It will also outline defects and will recommend any specialist investigation needed. The scope of the building survey depends on what exactly you want from it. A building loss specialist would not go into detail about heating, electrics or underground drains and if this information is required about those items, other experts would need to investigate.
You may also require a specialist survey to cover sampling and testing for the presence of damaging materials, such as asbestos.
Why do I need a site survey?
Regardless of whether the building is owner occupied or leased to others it is a good idea that you understand its condition and then a repair cost for future repairs or replacement of building components can be made.
If the building is leased the contract signed will probably state, the tenant must maintain the property and possibly make repairs. Even if the contract doesn’t state this, the landlord will want the property back in the same condition and if any disagreements arise it would be wise to have a survey prior to the lease occurring. A schedule of conditions attached to the lease at the beginning would be an even better safeguard.

How is a building survey done?
The survey will begin with an inspection of the building. Usually this is done top to bottom externally and then the same internally. The building loss specialist to inspect the floors, walls and ceilings; they will be looking for signs of damp, timber decay or settlement. They should also note the state of the gutters and drainpipes. They will check the condition of doors and windows that may need replacing soon. He will note not only the present condition of the building, but what is likely to be required in the way of repairs, often with an estimated cost when required.

How do I plan maintenance works?
The survey will provide plenty of information on the property’s future maintenance needs. This considers future maintenance and replacement costs and matches them against the estimated life of the building and expenditure. If you specify building survey can give you a planned maintenance programmed for reserve funding.
Even for tenants who are renting it is probable that you will need to keep the property well maintained, the lease will specify a timetable for internal and external decoration. The building loss specialist will be able to help prepare a maintenance schedule, which if the building owner sticks to may save them extra expense further down the line, and help budget more efficiently.

How much will a building survey cost?
It depends on the size and type of building, a building survey is typically carried out on older properties, it could cost anything from $1,000 up to $3,000 (10 – 30 hours) alone and does not include other portions of the report.


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