What’s Up That? Who Runs Abbotsford Anyway?

From Bas Stevens. Who is truly “running” Abbotsford? It is the half dozen or so so-called “power brokers” in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce. In most instances, in my opinion, Bruce Banman and Council are being “fed” by a couple of the bureaucrats at city hall who are in concert with the “Abbotsford power brokers” and the Chamber of Commerce under Mike Welte, President.

Business drives business and not City Hall or the Chamber. Because of the very unwelcoming attitude that the city and Chamber has shown to interested parties wanting to set up here in Abbotsford, they have made the decision to call either Langley or Chilliwack “home”. It would seem that the only way in which Abbotsford has been able to attract new business is by giving HUGE tax concessions to developers. Who pays for this? Yes, you guessed it, the tax payers of Abbotsford.

Before proceeding with an Economic Development Action Plan, the city must make changes in how they welcome potential new businesses to the area; they must become a lot more friendly and co-operative. Once these changes have been made, an action plan should then be put into place. It would seem that they way Banman has set the wheels in motion, he has put the cart before the horse, so to speak. This is typical of the way in which much is done in Abbotsford, “bass end ackwards”.

Look after the “house keeping” first and then hang the “welcome” sign out!

Comment re: More Secrecy At Abbotsford City Hall Is Not The Answer.

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  • Deceit in Drugs says:

    You have been doing your homework.

    The Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce Executive sits on the cities various committees and various task forces and so they should as
    repres. of business in the community…BUT..then, you have the
    some present members and past Exec. members, also, appointed as
    the city calls them members of “public at large” and so in essence, you have whatis called a “stacked deck,” whereby the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce has not only 1-2 members but 4-5 members placed on the Economic Development Commision, Airport Authority, City Industry
    Committee, ASDAC, Police Board …….but most importantly these same people have rotated from committee to committee for years
    and years and years…the same thinking for years and obviously,
    what they are doing is NOT working.

    Many of them, developers are there only to protect their own interests
    and do not care about the community as a whole unit….it’s not about
    building community but development and profits…and anyone or anything that gets in the way….pressure is put on Mayor and Council to see their plans to fruition

    That is the Abbotsford Chamber’s prerogative as repres, of business in the community, but, the ultimate decisions lie with a Mayor and COuncil, who have for years have not shown leadership and made decisions in interests of the community as a whole….the results of this
    type of governance is beginning to take it’s toll.

    It is time for change, in order to build an inclusive community, which
    is eager to embrace citizen engagement at all times on all issues.

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