What’s Up With That: Why Is Gladwin Developer Allowed To Go Ahead Without Building Permit?

Anne says: I couldn’t help but notice that at the public hearing April 8 into the two proposed towers for Gladwin Road no-one really answered Lily Kaetler’s questions …

  1. Why is the developer of those towers on Gladwin excavating
  2. Why was he allowed to build a display suite
  3. Why is he trying actively to preisell his condos if he doesn’t have a building permit yet?
  4. What if 2000 people all want to go out the only access/egress at 8:30 am and they all want to turn left on Gladwin?

Ref: Angry Residents Speak Out About Twin Towers Proposal

What’s up with that?

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  • DeceitinDrugs says:

    I, too, wondered why the developer had built a
    showroom on the property, when it is only at the
    public hearing stage and Jay Teichrob mentioned
    something to the affect that the towers may not
    necessarily go thru but that some of the smaller
    commercial building would be built first.

    It is confusing…but I understood from the mtg.
    the towerswould be built last and therefore may not
    proceed as 26 towers depending on the public hearing.

    However,I saw an ad in the paper today, indicating the
    showroom was open and condos were going for $99,000.00,
    so does that mean that they have been given a permit
    to build the two 26 story towers?

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