When The Mercury Drops, Don’t Forget To Be A Good Neighbour

By December 6, 2013Life

Submitted. For many of us, the arrival of winter means ski season, skating lessons and hot chocolate by the fireplace. Unfortunately, for many seniors, winter can lead to isolation, depression and increased fall risk due to weakened muscles. As the temperature drops, anxiety over falls and injuries rises. Many seniors choose not to leave their home for fear of slipping and falling on icy sidewalks, or simply because it is too cold for them. This may mean skipped trips to the grocery store, missed medical appointments and unfilled prescriptions.

This year, as you prepare for the holidays remember the seniors in your community who may appreciate the extra attention and help. A short visit can lift their spirits and provide you with an opportunity to make sure their basic needs are being met.

“For many seniors, winter is a difficult time of year, often leaving them feeling lonely as they lose touch with their social networks,” says Dr. Grace Park, Program Medical Director for Home Health at Fraser Health. “Dropping by to check in on them will not only brighten their day, but it means you can ensure they are well, and have everything they need.”

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