Where Do You Want Them To Go Bruce?

By Mike Archer. “The city has been looking at all its options ,” the City of Abbotsford’s new deputy city manager, Jake Rudolph told the Abbotsford News as he appeared to use the tried and true method around City Hall of calling the City’s favourite media outlet in order soften up the public for something which might seem unpleasant or even just plain wrong if it were allowed to be discussed out in the open.

Admitting that the City has received surprisingly few complaints about the protesters, who have kept the park clean and collected and disposed of their own garbage with the City’s help, Rudolph used the following logic in explaining why the City will now move to have the park cleared – “It can’t continue forever,” and then he relied on the oldest slippery statement politicians have used since the dawn of time saying that, without any facts to back him up, “There is an expectation I think from the silent majority of people in the community that feel enough is enough.”

Proceeding with legal and potentially police action against a group of citizens, some of whom are suing you for breaching their civil rights based on feelings you think the silent majority may have doesn’t sound like a very sound way of managing a City Jake.

Sounds kinda hokey actually.

If you think this is the biggest thing the ‘silent majority’ has been bitching about for the last decade you really need to get to know this town a bit better.

And just as the cold snap sets in for a long stretch … Just how cold-hearted can a City get?

Despite City lawyers phoning around trying to drum up complaints which haven’t yet emerged, nobody seems to be complaining much.

Were you planning on using that part of the park for a Council picnic? Was the Chamber of Commerce planning an special outdoor bring your kids to the park day?

Despite a heavy police presence the protesters haven’t been arrested for anything and don’t seem to be causing any problems. They are cleaning up after themselves and keeping to themselves. All they want – Did anybody at the City ever actually ask? – is their constitutionally guaranteed civil right to the same health care services to which every Canadian outside of Abbotsford is entitled and a chance to be heard by a judge after being covered in chicken manure by City employees and having their belongings destroyed and being pepper-sprayed by the cops.

Seems like a pretty reasonable series of demands from a pretty reasonable bunch of people who aren’t causing any problems.

Unless, of course, you base law and order decisions on the fictitious silent majority whose minds you appear to think you can read.

Maybe Mayor Banman should get off his ass, drive his taxpayer-funded yellow Mustang down to the bad part of town and have a talk with these people.

They are citizens Bruce. You may never invite them to your catered affairs at the other end of town where you and your rich friends try and decide what to do about them, but they are citizens and they do seem to have a few legitimate complaints.

So; before you send in the cops with the pepper spray and chicken shit, shouldn’t you see if there is a way to avoid repeating the same mistake you and your goons keep repeating and repeating and repeating …

Where do you want them to go?

Is it OK if they move up to City Hall? Can they camp out at Mill Lake? Maybe they could sleep in the parking lot at Seven Oaks just in time for Christmas.

Where do you suggest they go Bruce? It is a very simple question which none of the pinheads who have caused this crisis to go on and on and on for over a decade can seem to wrap their heads around.

If you want them to move – where to?

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  • The Editor says:

    This story has received a lot of response over on Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/pages/Today-Media/]

    I want to reply to one comment from the Facebook string:

    Peter Gunther Says: You keep dumping on the Mayor, implying that he’s heartless and can’t get it right. You obviously have the answers, otherwise you wouldn’t know he’s doing it wrong. Maybe you could help him out by letting him and the rest of us know how to solve this problem. You’ve suggested they could camp at city hall or Mill Lake. Suggestion for you. Seeing as your so caring, invite them to your house! Show some leadership so the Mayor and the rest of us can follow your example. Walk the walk instead of just talk and talk and….

    Hey Peter: We’ve said all of these repeatedly and ad nauseum before but how about these few suggestions just for starters

    1. Stop using the police to solve homelessness
    2. Stop using the police to solve drug addiction
    3. If you insist on moving someone out of a spot decide where to move them to
    4. Stop passing bylaws which make it illegal to get medical treatment for addictions
    5. Stop moving addictions support as far as possible from the addicts
    6. Stop making possession of a mortgage, a rental agreement or title on land the prerequisite for seeking shelter on public land

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