Where’s The Coverage Of Provincial Budget?

Dear Media, Colleagues and Concerned Citizens. Up to and including the provincial election, the issue paramount in many voters’ minds was whether we should have a balanced budget or a deficit and arguments pro or con. Indeed, hardly a day went by when print media did not cover some aspect of the issue. Similarly Talk Shows, Radio News and TV coverage. Then, the election and to date … essentially nothing.

Then, Friday August 09, 2013 the Province newspaper, Page A8 did a little three column by maybe 1 inch item by The Canadian Press – no local media and hidden away – “BC’s finances a lot better than we thought, AG says”.

Is this such unimportant news it does not warrant any local coverage? Is it true or false reporting? Why haven’t you, as one of our so-called reliable watch-dogs told the Public anything about this revelation. Is it important or just bafflegab, unworthy of any media attention. Does the public does not need to know?

Interested in your perspective and thoughts and equally, why you have said nothing to date on the issue or have you? Why hasn’t the government made an issue of same?


George F. Evens

Province Article

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