By Laila Yuile. Hold onto your hats everyone, Election 2013 just took a twist. Sean Holman, formerly of Public Eye Online, is about to première his stunning new documentary, and in doing so may change the way British Columbians view party politics – and it’s about time.

In my opinion this documentary is long past due, and I am exceptionally happy to share this with you, and hope that you may attend one of the screenings – admission by donation.

From Whipped

By Sean Holman.

Why is it that your MLA doesn’t seem to listen to you, voting the party line no matter what the issue or its local consequences?

Why is it that the government almost always gets what it wants in the legislature, while the opposition almost never gets anything it wants?

During my nine years of reporting provincial politics I – like many of you – asked these same questions. But it was a story I was unable to crack – until now.

I’ve just wrapped-up filming a groundbreaking television documentary that will, for the first time, reveal what really happens inside the secret world of party discipline.

For the first time ever, British Columbians will hear past and present MLAs – including Liberals, New Democrats, cabinet ministers and backbenchers – speak candidly about the personal and political costs of that discipline.

For the first time ever, British Columbians will hear specific examples of how that discipline has forced MLAs to toe the party line in the legislature.

For the first time ever, British Columbians will hear what really happens behind the closed doors of the provincial politics – and why some former MLAs think it’s wrong.
But I can’t blow the whistle on party discipline without your help.

What We Need & What You Get
My team, which also includes award-winning filmmaker Daniel Hogg and environmental documentarian Damien Gillis, estimates the total pricetag for the project has well over $10,000.

To cover that amount, as well as the cost of promoting and distributing the documentary we need your support.
Your funding will also contribute the release of a dataset, created in partnership with software developer and open data advocate Herb Lainchbury, that will let you track the votes your MLA have cast in the legislature – another first for British Columbia.

Now you can find out whether your elected representatives is representing you…or their party.

Other Ways You Can Help
You can also help by getting the word out about Whipped, encouraging your friends to donate to the project and coming out to watch the documentary. Screenings will help on the following dates:
April 25 (7:00 pm)
Vancouver, British Columbia
University of British Columbia
Buchanan Building, Room A103
April 26 (7:00 pm)
Victoria, British Columbia
The Vic Theatre
808 Douglas Street
April 28 (7:00 pm)
Vancouver, British Columbia
Library Square Conference Centre
Alice Mackay Room

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