White Poppy Campaign

By November 8, 2013Issues, Meghann Coughlan

By Meghann Coughlan. White poppy people:

Understand that I am not attacking you, but as a war-hating, patchouli-scented, shoe-avoiding hippie type I need to say something.

My Grandfather fought in the 2nd World War. His brother died in a p.o.w. camp. He risked his life to stop the slaughter of 6 million men, women and children.

He never promoted war. He couldn’t even talk about the war…. or his brother, Peter. Each Remembrance Day I watched him put on his best suit and solemnly remember that which he struggled most of his life to forget.

When he passed away, veterans from the legion came. Veterans he didn’t even know. I cried through the Last Post and pinned a poppy, a red poppy, to the fabric of his casket.

You see, the red poppy doesn’t promote war. It’s a respectful way to remember those who are no longer with us, and to thank those who came home, however broken as a result.

If you want to wear a white poppy to promote peace, you have 364 perfectly acceptable days to do that. So, before you wear that white poppy and look an elderly veteran in the eye & see the sadness of your disrespect reflecting back at you, I’m asking you to reconsider. November 11th is not the day to break their hearts.

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