Whitehorse Artist Nicole Bauberger Paints Outdoors At The Reach June 21

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Submitted. Visual artist and arts writer, Nicole Bauberger from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, will paint part of her fascinating Get There From Here sequence outdoors at The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford on Saturday, June 21 from 12pm – 3:30pm.

Cover art: 18 km from emerald Park by Nicole Bauberger

Bauberger’s current series of plein air pieces, painted from the side of the road at 50 km intervals all the way across Canada from Montreal to Inuvik, turns north at Portage La Prairie. This month she paints the southern stretch of the trans-Canada drive, Portage La Prairie to Vancouver, then up to Dawson Creek which links Abbotsford into her “map” of paintings, and where her show will be installed in the summer of 2016.

“When I get to Abbotsford, I will paint one in the parking lot outside the gallery, and invite you to come and watch me. Working directly out of the back of my truck, I will create a 12×12″ oil painting based on observation in The Reach’s parking lot on June 21st,” explains Bauberger. “In extending to the southern loop, I am offering interested people a chance to help out through crowdfunding in exchange for some cool stuff here.

Whitehorse Artist Nicole Bauberger

Whitehorse Artist Nicole Bauberger

“We are really excited to welcome Bauberger on this leg of her road series tour. It’s wonderful to have Abbotsford included and to get a sneak peek of what’s to come in her 2016 exhibit at The Reach,” says Kate Bradford, curatorial assistant at The Reach.

As a writer Bauberger, has written about art, the business of art and reviewed exhibitions and plays. As an arts educator, she has taught countless art and arts related workshops, from encaustic to 10 foot tall puppet sessions. As a storyteller, she tells mostly wonder tales, something between a fairy tale and a myth to audiences from Scotland, across Canada and to the US.

While dropping by The Reach on June 21 to see Bauberger paint, the public is also invited at 1pm to hear guest curator Dr. Carl Peters speak about Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Painting. He will reveal the stories behind some of the bissett paintings and images on exhibit. “It took me a decade to write the book, textual vishyuns: image and text in the work of bill bissett; it took me five years to plan and organize the exhibition,” admits Dr. Peters.

Watch artist Nicole Bauberger and hear Carl Peters, both by free admission, on the afternoon of June 21st at The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford, 32388 Veterans Way. www.thereach.ca

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