Why Can’t Candidates Be Asked About Their Marijuana Policy?

By May 8, 2013Letters

Dear Editor. I went to the debate Monday night and the moderator did not ask my question to all the candidates like I requested. I think if anybody in Abbotsford has a right to ask all the candidates a marijuana question and expect an answer, I do.

My question was; what is your marijuana policy and what will the results be?

Professor Plecas is a criminologist at the University (UFV) that hosted the debate. The Sensible B.C. referendum should be easy for him to comment about, why did the moderator not ask him? Will any reporter ask him and John the question?

The attached letter to Professor Plecas includes a picture of Professor Plecas, I and DEA Agent Celerino “Cele” Castillo III. I introduced Cele to John Van Dongen in 2008 when Cele came to town to debate Professor Plecas.

When Rich Coleman was the top law enforcement Official of B.C. he made claims that B.C. Bud was funding guns for Afghan Insurgents. Attached is his picture and article from the Vancouver Sun when he made the statement to the Vancouver Board of Trade.

DEA Agent Cele is currently in jail for bringing you this information. See his website.

Cele is a retired DEA Agent who served for 12 years in the Drug Enforcement Administration where he built cases against organized drug rings in Manhattan, raided jungle cocaine labs in the Amazon, conducted aerial eradication operations in Guatemala, and assembled and trained anti-narcotics units in several countries.

The eerie climax of agent Castillo’s career with the DEA took place in El Salvador. One day, he received a cable from a fellow agent. He was told to investigate possible drug smuggling by Nicaraguan Contras operating from the Ilopango Air Force Base.

Castillo quickly discovered that the Contra pilots were, indeed, smuggling narcotics back into the United States – using the same pilots, planes and hangers that the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Council, under the direction of Lt. Col. Oliver North, used to maintain their covert supply operation to the Contras.

I think if Professor Plecas, John Van Dongen or Jhaj Lakhvinder of the NDP want my vote they should tell me what their Marijuana Policy is and what result they expect. Is it true, Only those with power are allowed to speak in Abbotsford?

Tim Felger
To read a downloadable PDF of Felger’s letter to Plecas simply click here

(L to R) BC Liberal candidate Darryl Plecas, Tim Felger, DEA Agent Celerino "Cele" Castillo III

(L to R) BC Liberal candidate Darryl Plecas, Tim Felger, DEA Agent Celerino “Cele” Castillo III



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  • The Editor says:

    Blair Says:

    Since marijuana laws were never based on anything but huge lies, backed by violence …

    It is impossible for the establishment to have any rational debates regarding those laws!

    Still, the majority of people no longer believe in those lies anymore.

    Thus, those trends toward pot prohibition’s psychotic breakdowns!

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