Why Don’t We Just Sue The Bastards?

By April 15, 2014Abnor, Pop Voice, Satire

By Abnor. It seems the talk about the City ending the Heat contract has put all the discussion of the City’s mistreatment of the poor on the backburner for a few days.

Seems we’re gonna pay the Calgary Flames to stop taking money out of our bank account. At least that’s what it seems like to the folks I’ve been talking to.

The City of Abbotsford has done absolutely nothing for over ten years to deal with the homeless crisis which has grown worse each year as the politicians and community leaders funneled any and all money from other levels of government into high-barrier shelters. They consciously decided to have the police deal with those who couldn’t make the transition out of mental illness, alcohol dependence or drug addiction. They even passed an illegal and ultra vires bylaw called the Anti-Harm Reduction Bylaw which violated the constitution and the civil rights of several hundred Abbotsford citizens.

As a result of the concerted action of the Abbotsford Chapter of the BC/Yukon Drug War Survivors and the Pivot Legal Society the City was forced to abandon its illegal bylaw and is now using every legal manoeuver it can devise to move the other seven or eight lawsuits and civil rights cases into the spring of 2015, after the next election.

The homeless, it seems, can wait another year and make their way through another winter on the streets so that a bunch of well-off, publicly-paid politicians have a decent run at keeping their bloated faces in the public trough.

Now comes word that, after emptying the reserve funds (DCCs) to pay for Plan A and a couple of overpasses, and after turning down more than $15 million in provincial funding for a low-barrier homeless shelter, Mayor Banman found $5.5 million in somebody’s sock with which he could pay the Calgary Flames to go away.

Could it be that the threats of law suits over the Heat contract and the unpaid bills to local businesses were what convinced Bruce to find the money somewhere … anywhere?

If so, I think we’ve may have learned something. Maybe the only way to get the City of Abbotsford to obey the law or do the right thing is to take them to court. Let’s dispense with elections and just sue the bastards.

Then we could just have meetings with our lawyers every two weeks instead the incessant blathering that passes for discourse at council meetings.


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  • Bas Stevens says:

    I think the $5.5 million that Bruce Banman has paid to get out of the remaining 5 years of the Heat/Calgary Flames contract pales in relation to what the city will be paying to settle the Human Rights complaints filed against them by Pivot Legal on behalf of the DWS group.

    Oh, and there is also the rumor that there may be a couple of citizens of Abbotsford who may still be considering taking legal action against the city over the legality of the Heat contract and monies owed. Mind you, these are just rumors, but the sources are very good.

    All in all, from a legal point of view, things are not looking very rosy for Bruce Banman and the City of Abbotsford.

    Bruce, the good ship Banman has been hit amid ships, is taking on water very quickly and is sinking. There is no saving her. Like all captains, let your crew go and you go down with the ship!

    Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle!

  • The Editor says:

    Greg Cross Says:Am I getting this right? We are paying the Heat 5.5 million to leave town. We are being told that it will cost twice as much if we do not pay them off. And you wonder why the press calls us stupid?
    i hope the people of Abbotsford smarten up and not re-elect everyone who voted yes for AESC

    From Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Today-Media/447088788677534?ref=hl

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