WichDOC, a revolutionary alternative health and dental health portal

By November 17, 2016Introduction

What is WichDOC?
WichDOC is a revolutionary alternative health and dental health portal that lets YOU tell US what is troubling you and we will recommend certified health care professionals in YOUR area that can treat your condition. This is different from a directory style listing because we listen to your needs BEFORE we recommend a professional to help.

In addition, we provide a live booking module where most appointments can be made INSTANTLY at the clinic of your choice. To assist you in making an INFORMED decision, there is a rating system that is based solely on users that have visited the practitioner/clinic so there are no uninformed ratings posted.

WichDOC allows you to manage your health care profile all in one portal. You will not have to phone or email a practitioner any more – it’s just ONE CLICK TO YOUR BETTER HEALTH
Why Choose WichDOC?
It is completely FREE to use and always will be.
INSTANTLY book appointments at the clinic of our choice.
Cater to your concerns and recommend a discipline to match your needs.
Provides an Eco-Health Community for alternative health and dentistry professionals to share information and experiences with YOU, our users.
Features a transparent rating system so that you can make an INFORMED decision.

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