Will The Sally Ann Show The Chicken Manure Documentary?

By January 27, 2014Abnor, Satire

By Abnor. Independant film producer, writer,and  director Kevin Miller, who premiered his documentary The Chicken Manure Incident last weekend, is looking for a church or other group willing to screen the film in Abbotsford on Feb. 11 or 12.

He made the announcement on his Facebook page Tuesday.

Brad Jersak, Associate Editor at Plain Truth Magazine, commented, “I had a homeless person come to my house and ask if they could have it at the Sally Ann. Might be a chance for peacemaking, but most interesting was that it was actually a homeless person which requested it. Peacemaking or at least trouble-making.”

Miller responded by saying that Ward and Jesse from The 5 and 2 Ministries will be taking the video around to the various homeless camps along Gladys Avenue and throughout the city so that the homeless men and women of Abbotsford can watch it.

So, if you’re homeless in Abbotsford, look for the 5 and 2 van and ask to see yourserlf in the movie. Or, on the off chance the Sally Ann agrees to show the documentary … naw never mind.

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