Women On The Move Workshop Teaches Women How To Buy Real Estate

By April 15, 2014Business News

By Sonia Wood. Last year Women On The Move was created – a team of professional women, including realtors®, a mortgage broker, an insurance broker and notaries – “one-stop-shopping” for people who preferred to do an entire real estate transaction exclusively with women.

Today, it has evolved into Women On The Move Workshop, where women interested in the real estate market come together and learn the basics of buying real estate in short, fun workshops in a friendly comfortable environment.

“There are probably young ladies out there who are thinking they would like to begin investing in income properties but don’t know how to get started, or perhaps, women coming out of bad relationships that want to move on and buy something on their own but need some help – that’s where we come in. Everybody does “home buying seminars”. We wanted to do something different. Our workshops are ladies only. They are informal, a little goofy, and very easy going. We want women to be able to feel ok about asking questions, even if they think their questions are kind of dumb. Who cares? If you don’t ask, you’ll never know!” says Sonia Wood, a Realtor® with Sutton Westcoast Realty, one of the creators of Women On The Move Workshop.

Carolyn Carson, a Realtor®with Keller Williams Valley Realty, the other half of Women On The Move Workshop adds, “We also do mobile workshops. Any ladies’ groups or clubs or even groups of friends who are interested, can call and book us to put on a workshop – at their club, their church; in fact, we’ll even do it in someone’s kitchen if they want!”

So just like a “make-up” or “candle” party, ladies can book a workshop. Have a great time, learn a lot, and there is no pressure to buy anything. Workshops are free of charge. We’re doing this to get women buying real estate and investing in their futures!

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