From tridelo commenting on: Video Shows Roy Roberts Screaming ‘What Did I Do?’ As APD Shoot Him Repeatedly

I look at this video and I can’t believe what I am seeing….. I spotted so many mistakes I can’t even mention them all …
#1 Awesome use of negotiation skills WOW!!!
Suspect is NOT showing signs of great distress, aggressive body language, is NOT wielding a weapon, is not making ANY “BODY”
Gestures towards the officers…(that is a huge giveaway) , is he attempting to flee custody?
NO….. i
Since when do you purposely use the “wrong name” of an individual to gain compliance??!!! Especially since you knew the name of this man and you also know he suffers from mental health issues??!!!…
Did these folks not know of or are they too stupid to use the SMM CHART ??!!
Shouting direct orders should be reserved for last resorts prior use of force… let alone to shots being fired! This kind of Use of force can be JUSTIFIED WHEN the aforementioned conditions exist and are applicable; when time and safety does not allow for alternative means; or when a crime is in progress; or there is risk of grievous bodily harm…
Otherwise, these officers had better be prepared to answer for violations committed to his charter rights. Their own positioning shows that they have already determined to shoot rather than negotiate..I could go on and on….
De-escalation measures not used.. and the inability to utilize arrest and control measures, while they existed right at the beginning …. right after he has been hit the first time, the second… oh wait no… what of the third okay how about the fourth? …..
okay TOTAL FAIL …. since, one could only assume (in good faith) that the bean bags were utilized as a “distraction tactic” oh wait there was four used …. again FAIL.
What makes me sick is that our city is already guilty of despicable behaviour against the homeless, and that APD is a good department so WTF is THIS??!!!!

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