You Are Here – UFV April 26 To May 27

UFV Bachelor of Fine Arts Grad Show 2013

Inspired by the coloured arrows that say “YOU ARE HERE” on maps and directories, the graduates of UFV’s Bachelor of Fine Arts created a show of art that addresses many of the issues that create uncertainty in our lives. Exploring uncertainties, expressing individual experiences, and sharing the search for identity are the driving forces behind the creative works of art.

The hallways of Buildings B &C and Room 136 form the galleries where you will enjoy works of art by: Chalie Howes, Lindsay Craig, Majd Mansour, Charissa Smith, Jeff Stackhouse, Lauralee Lamarche, Jenaya McChesney, Jessica Laibahas, and Jenessa Galmut.

Picture on right:  Corrugated by Jenaya McChesney

“Corrugated” came from Jenaya McChesney’s interest in developing new forms and techniques through stamping with cardboard pieces.

The repetition and constant movement in this process put her in a trance like state. This helped her develop a rhythm similar to the daily rituals in her personal life.

“This exhibition is the present manifestation of the personal growth of these artists,” describes Paul E. Brammer.

Beautiful Fascade by Jessica Laibahas

Beautiful Fascade by Jessica Laibahas

“They have chosen challenging paths by exploring new mediums, inviting open-ended questions and tackling complex issues.”

Jessica Laibahas was inspired by the dream-like fairytales and the creativity of fashion.

However, her experiences while working in the fashion industry enabled her to see the superficial realities of the industry and its emphasis on youth, beauty, and the latest trends.

This tension between unhealthy expectations and real body types is the underlying theme of her dresses in her “Beautiful Façade” collection.


Research and experimentation in the world of sound led Majd Mansour to discover a mystical world of intrinsically structured formation.

Chambers of Resonance by Majd Mansour

Chambers of Resonance by Majd Mansour

His paintings “depict certain geometrical patterns potentially found in the ‘vacuum’ surrounding us.”

While working on “Chambers of Resonance”, Mansour discovered that the potency of sound is extremely profound; by sound we perceive words uttered by others and depending on the nature of those words, emotions of love, anger, hatred, fear, sadness, or joy are provoked.

“This is a Number” is an installation created by Chalie Howes to bring awareness to the 549 abortions in the year 2011 that occurred after 21 weeks of gestation.

This is a Number by Chalie Howes

This is a Number by Chalie Howes

For each abortion, she created one wrapped canvas bundle. “. . . my hope is not only to bring awareness about the many aspects of abortion, but also to educate viewers on the current abortion laws in Canada, so individuals can make a more enlightened opinion,” explained Howes.

Brammer summed it up, “The artists Are present. Their art is Here. And so are You.”




UFV Bachelor of Fine Arts Grad Show 2013
April 26 – May 27, 10 am-6 pm, Monday-Friday
University of the Fraser Valley
33844 King Road, Abbotsford BC
Building B, Room 136 & Building C

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