You Say Party Headline Fraser Valley Music Awards Album

By March 18, 2016Music/Video

Submitted – The first season of the Fraser Valley Music Awards is now in full swing, with fifteen sponsors on board so far and music submissions from every Fraser Valley community. One of the most high profile bands to come out of the Fraser Valley – YOU SAY PARTY – have confirmed that a remix of the song “Underside” from their new album will headline the Fraser Valley compilation album to be released in tandem with the inaugural FVMA gala.


MMVA winner and Polaris Prize Nominee YOU SAY PARTY’s inclusion in CIVL’s first-ever local music compilation guarantees that select FVMA nominees will appear alongside Abbotsford’s quintessential DIY success story. In addition to the CRFC grant that provides for the FVMA initiative, CIVL has pledged thousands of dollars of internal funds towards the production, promotion, and distribution of this release, which promises to raise awareness of the varied excellence of Fraser Valley music.


“It’s one thing to say ‘we’re going to make a compilation album of local musicians,’” says CIVL station manager Aaron Levy, “but to say ‘this album will put our best and brightest local artists on a release right next to a band with international recognition’ is another level of value completely. We’re incredibly thankful for YSP’s faith in this project.”


The deadline to submit music to the 2016 Fraser Valley Music Awards is right around the corner – March 31st is the cut-off. At that point, FVMA jurors will begin adjudicating to determine 50 or so Nominees to be showcased at the July 16th Awards show in Abbotsford. The FVMA submission form and a list of Winners’ benefits can be found at:


To inquire about sponsoring or volunteering for this exciting community event, email FVMA coordinator James Kasper at

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