You Write The Caption: Simon And Randy Have A Party

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  • The Editor says:

    Mittmartin Says:

    Simon misses a funny thing to his left

  • The Editor says:

    Puff Says:

    From Wikipedia: While death rattle is a strong indication that someone is near death, it can also be produced by other problems that cause interference with the swallowing reflex, such as the case with brain injuries.

  • Walter Neufeld says:

    Hawes skillfully buried the bar of integrity and his constituents suffered.

    Mr. Gibson should aim higher. Much higher.

  • DeceitinDrugs says:

    Randy Hawes, thanks for your plans to have recovery
    houses removed from the community licensing act and
    in turn recovering addicts and residents went thru
    a living hell,, due bonafide drug houses in our

    And it all started from your realization of the need for
    recovery houses, due to your own son’s addiction, but,
    you clearly had no real understanding of the consequences
    of unregulated recovery houses in our neighborhoods,

    Then, there is Simon, who, also, did not have the fortitude
    to speak up in order to help protect children and families
    in our community, who became vulnerable to drug-related crime
    and dysfunction.

    Exactly, what does Simon plan to do for the citizen’s of Abbotsford?

    He was easily swayed by his co-council on important Abbotsford issues
    such as Plan A and P3 Water VOTE?

    How will he manage at the Provincial level?

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