You Write The Caption: Unlimited

The Globe and Mail has come up with a name for its paywall – the limit between viewers and the information they are seeking which can only be breached with money – and have decided to call it, get this, Globe Unlimited.

In the image (to the right) in order to read any of the stories advertised in the list you have to click on the ‘Unlimited’ button for the privilege of paying to proceed.

And these are the people who want you to trust them to use words honestly and truthfully in order to effectively explain the world to you.

Not sure how building a wall and asking me to pay to get past it qualifies as ‘unlimited’ but the Globe, along with the New York Times, may prove to among the only newspapers with content which is unique enough that they can charge for access to it.

Whether or not it will be enough to stem the tide of a generation flocking to the internet for their information is doubtful but we wish them luck.

By and large though it seems like a last ditch effort on the part of the old media to do whatever they
unlimited defhave to in order to keep their outdated business model going in a free information universe. Don’t remember any examples of technology advances favouring the previous way of doing business.

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