HAPPENING NOW: #YYJchat – ‘Whipped’ By Sean Holman – Tuesday 7:30 PM

By May 28, 2013Issues

The #YYJchat with Sean Holman was cancelled last week due to a Twitter glithc but is back on tonight!

The BC Election is over, both historical and histrionic as the ‘public’ polls were completely wrong. An unparalleled win for the BC Liberals (actually gaining seats), campaign narrative loss by the BC NDP, and one for the history books, a seat for the BC Greens.

Sean Holman (@publiceyeonline) is a teacher and journalist who has followed politics in BC for years, and ran a radio show and online commentary with Public Eye Online. His weekly radio show, broadcast on CFAX and through the Bell Media network, was heralded for bringing in the top players on major issues – MPs, MLAs, Mayors, pundits and experts. The loss of his direct media outreach in BC is keenly felt, as Sean moved on from teaching at UVIC and running his show, to a position as assistant professor of journalism at Mount Royal University in Alberta.

On top of his role as a full time professor, Sean has moved into documentary film making creating the timely movie ‘Whipped’ – and we are delighted to have him as #YYJchat guest for Tuesday May 21st, discussing the recent election, and how party discipline disrupts democracy.

This documentary sheds light on that secretive system, revealing how much of a say our elected officials have in the backrooms and why they don’t speak up when their conscience and constituents are at odds with their party. (see the ‘Whipped’ website)

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