Zero Waste Means No Burning, No Emissions

By September 18, 2014Issues

Zero Waste experts from around the globe are coming to Nanaimo BC to rescue the ZERO WASTE BRAND.

Release. The Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA) and national affiliate Zero Waste Canada are holding a three-day Zero Waste Conference in Nanaimo, British Columbia October 2-4, 2014.  ZWIA was formed in 2002 to establish worldwide standards for Zero Waste.  ZWIA’s definition says Zero Waste means no burning, no burying and no emissions to air, water or land. This is the only peer-reviewed definition internationally accepted by worldwide environmental, recycling and Zero Waste leaders.

If you agree that Zero Waste is important, and that ZWIA has laid out the right way to go, then you need to join us in Nanaimo to help fight for the brand.  ZWIA selected British Columbia because this is the most egregious example in the world of efforts to take over our 20 years of organizing for real Zero Waste, and make it meaningless by calling burning and burying zero waste.

This is the first time this international Zero Waste conference and Dialogue has been hosted in Canada.

Nanaimo B.C. was chosen for the site of the conference because it has been publically listed as one of the sites for Metro Vancouver’s proposed 500 million dollar incinerator.


Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste Committee is leading concerted efforts to promote incineration in British Columbia and other communities in Canada. .  Metro Vancouver has even formed a National Zero Waste Council to rubber stamp its misguided efforts to burn and bury resources in the name of zero waste.  That National Zero Waste Council is holding its own bogus “zero waste” conference soon to further confuse the media, the public and decision-makers.

Leslie Lukacs, Zero Waste International Alliance director and conference committee chairwoman, said the definition of zero waste is being hijacked. She said the alliance came up with the definition in 1994 and it is an international definition.

“Our definition includes not burning our resources, not burying our resources and now that we see that groups are calling themselves zero waste but incineration’s part of that, that is not the definition of zero waste,” she said.

The international battle is joined in British Columbia this fall. Be there, or ask someone you know to go.

For information about the real Zero Waste conference, see

Gary Liss, board of director for ZWIA, says “the Nanaimo Zero Waste conference has a fabulous line-up of speakers. Speakers who are not just talking about Zero Waste, they are doing it.  “

Join us in Nanaimo BC Oct 2-4 for a conference about actions from individuals, business, government that will create a Zero Waste Society.




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