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Thank you for visiting and welcome to Abbotsford|Today. We hope to provide you with the information about Abbotsford you need or the tools to get it and most of all we hope you come back again and again.

We believe that in the new world of web-based communication, communities like Abbotsford need a voice on the Internet. We believe that voice ought to be as unfettered and community-centered as possible.

While the traditional media have certainly responded to the Internet revolution we believe they’ve missed a crucial part of the picture – you.

After just over a year in operation Abbotsford|Today now receives over 25,000 unique visitors a month; we have several hundred registered members and we’re growing every month. With your help and participation we’ll build the same kind of community in Abbotsford.

The key is you.

Instead of waiting to see if someone from the media covered your son’s or daughter’s game on the weekend – cover it yourself. Let us know how the game went, who scored and send along any pictures you took.

If you went to a council meeting and were impressed or depressed with what you saw send us an email – cover the story.

We’re going to provide all the tools and links necessary for you to keep tabs on or get in touch with any and all businesses and organizations in Abbotsford that have a presence on the Internet.

Look around the site. You’ll find a Sports Teams Directory, a Pubs, Bars and Nightlife Directory, Movie Listings and a Church Directory. Pets and Pet Services are listed in the Pet Section. Organizations and businesses with websites are linked. Those without, have their contact information published.

Our Arts Organizations are listed and linked and we’ll be updating the site daily with loads of news, information and opinions about our community.

The idea is for you to be able find out whatever you need to know and share it with the rest of the community. News, politics, issues of importance, lifestyles and leisure, health and wellness, sports and travel, are all a click away on Abbotsford Today.

We have no political point of view but we are sometimes hard on politicians. Those who prefer to keep the people’s business behind closed doors won’t be our friends. Nor will those who feel entitled to spend the taxpayers’ money with abandon or as though it was their own avoid our editorial barbs.

Our Voice of the People Section contains a variety of ways for you to participate; What’s Up With That, From The Cheap Seats, Humour, Letters and the Oops File all provide ways that you can comment, share a giggle or complain – maybe even about us. Use the Click section to share your pictures and send us your travel stories and pictures so we can share them with the community.

Use our Business Directory to find businesses in Abbotsford and if you can’t find them, tell us about it. Or better yet … tell them. The basic listing in our Business Directory is free and will always be free. To find out how you can arrange to link your business listing to your website simple drop an email to sales@abbotsfordtoday.ca and we’ll be glad to help you take advantage of an excellent opportunity.

For the rest let’s just see where this adventure takes us. We’ve enlisted the help of some very talented people and good writers so we doubt you’ll ever be bored. Check back everyday because we’ll be updating the site on a 24/7 basis.

Don’t ever worry though, if you think you’ve missed something. Everything ever published on the site is archived historically in the sections you see across the top of the page and the search bar at the top right should be able to find anything on the site for you.

Drop us a line. Share your thoughts. If there’s something that ought to on the site let us know. It’s your site.

We’ll be adding new sections and features and with your help we’ll make this into a great community experience.

Tell us what’s new and most of all … visit everyday. You always find something out about your community you probably didn’t know. Please join the adventure.

Mike Archer and Vince Dimanno