Cards Double Royals

By May 14, 2014Sports, Sports News

From AAHA. Sunday’s game between the Cardinals and the Royals had a shocking display by a big yellow Orb in the sky. The Cardinals were somewhat awestruck by its appearance and had to adjust to not being rained upon!

In the end, the Cardinals were able to take advantage of the depleted Royals squad who showed up with a ton of heart and ready to play. The game was high-lighted by some excellent pitching all around, by the Cardinals’ pitching staff Diego Peranio / Sammy Friess / Caden Dahlen / Nick Rabinovitch and special notice of the two innings of shut-out ball put in by Aidan Koetsier.

There was booming triple launched by first year sensation Sammy Friess, and an Infield Homerun with two on base by Nick “Stacy” Rabinovitch. RoyalsThe Royals never gave up and showed some excellent tenacity by taking the lead from their first year sensation Quinton Kobes… who seemed to be everywhere the balls were hit.

Kobes put on an excellent pitching display and hit a boomer into the outfield. It was an excellent game and a beautiful day to be at the park… and all the boys made their moms proud for Mother’s Day.

contributed by Richard Rabinovitch

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