Submitted. Animal advertising is no joke with Bird Co. Media coming to theatrical screens on July 18. Internationally recognized BC based documentary filmmaker Jason Bourque follows 2 aspiring Canadian entrepreneurs, Bradley Miller and Kabir Ali, as they launch a highly controversial advertising company in Mumbai which incorporates exploiting live birds to carry advertising banners across the skies of India.

Jason Bourque and his production team were in India to capture the footage as these businessmen profited into the millions. The eventual public backlash was harsh and helps find the breaking point where morals will still prevail in a capitalist economy.

Bird Co. Media premiered with a sold out screening at the prestigious Whistler International Film Festival, and enjoyed excellent audience response and positive press reviews.

The film opens on the following theatrical screens across Canada on Friday July 18, 2014:

Landmark Theater Guildford Surrey, British Columbia
Landmark Theater Encore Abbotsford, British Columbia
Landmark Theater Country Hills Calgary, Alberta
Landmark Theater Clareview Edmonton, Alberta
Landmark Theater Square One Mississauga, Ontario
Landmark Theater Whitby, Ontario
Landmark Theater Kanata, Ontario
Big Picture Cinema Toronto, Ontario

The trailer for the film can be seen here.

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