A Tale Of Two Countries

Watercolour artist Serena Trinder held an exhibition from February 7 – March 3, at the Kariton Gallery. We came away with a desire for more of her wonderfully evocative paintings.

We’ve shared a few of them below from her Facebook page.

From the artist Serena Trinder. Man’s changing relationship with his environment and the passing of the seasons and years has fascinated me since I was child growing up in the coastal county of Dorset in England. The fact that landscape changes and yet endures is a constant lesson that the human footprint can embrace the rhythm of the earth without leaving scars and desolation.

I have always been an observer and biographer of earths past and present life through my paintings and sketches and moving to Canada in 2010 fed my enthusiasm for dramatic landscape even more.
By capturing these moments with my brush I feel able to record moments in time which may change when viewed through the eyes of our children in the future. I hope that this collection of works evokes memories of wonder and joy and takes the viewer on a journey as they travel through two amazingly beautiful countries linked through history and magnificence. Canada and Britain the Transatlantic cousins.

About Serena Trinder
Serena Trinder

Serena J. Trinder is a contemporary artist originally from the South West coastal county of Dorset in Britain but now living in Mission, B.C. Serena started her working life as a Registered Paediatric Nurse and then later a Nursing Sister (charge nurse) but later went on to fuel her passion of history and art by achieving her Bachelor Honours Degree in History.

Serena was always working on commissions and at one stage involved in Theatre design for the Winchester Amateur Operatic Society during her career as a nurse. Constantly drawn to the artistic world of expression, Serena was finally able to realise her dream as an artist in 2010.

Serena’s work focuses mainly on landscape and architecturally inspired works which can feed her love and interest in mythology and history. This is achieved through use of watercolour and ink. She draws her inspiration from her admiration for the great European stained glass windows visited during her childhood and the changing landscapes around her and how these landscapes interact with the human story throughout history.

In her native England Serena has sold private work and illustrated books. Since arriving in Canada with her husband and son in 2010 she has exhibited in several private galleries throughout the Fraser Valley, held two exhibitions at the Mission Arts Gallery (2012 and 2014) and one exhibition at the Kariton Gallery in Abbotsford (2015). In 2013 she was awarded the Muse Award for Visual Arts: Emerging Artist Category.

Serena’s work resides internationally throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada and Dubai.

For more of her work please visit her Facebook page.

Serena Trinder

Serena Trinder2
Serena Trinder3
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