Abbotsford Needs A Real Transit System – Bue

By October 10, 2014Municipal Politics

Submitted. Abbotsford does a terrible job providing residents the opportunity to leave our cars at home and use public transit. We have buses but they are mostly empty most of the time. With buses so poorly utilized, it is not financially viable to add more routes or increase frequency.

“We need to give people the opportunity to use public transit. To do that we need to actually develop a public transit system which serves the needs of the public,” says Abbotsford council candidate Dan Bue.

“Abbotsford residents contribute enormous amounts of greenhouse gas to the environment everyday which could be reduced if we only had a public transit system which worked.”
Bue says we have to start asking the tough questions:

1. What are similar sized communities doing that are achieving better ridership rates?
2. Do we need smaller buses?
3. Do we need to link to the Sky Train via Light Rail on the existing BC Electric rail line?

As for cycling; yes, we have marked off some roadways with bike lanes but cyclists are still being hit (and killed) in these lanes. Unfortunately, the painted line does not keep a car from intruding into this space.

Did you know?
There are plenty of good ideas out there. Why aren’t we discussing them?
Some countries and cities place a two-way bike lane on one side of the street only, with a small concrete curb to keep cars out. Elsewhere, where there is a sidewalk on each side of the road, one sidewalk is used for pedestrians while the other is designated for bicycles. Both bikes and pedestrians are up and out of the traffic. Feeling safer on such designated lanes and paths encourages cyclists to use them.

“We have to stop pretending we have a public transit system. We don’t even have a bus which connects to the Abbotsford International Airport,” says Bue.

“We should either admit we can’t do it and stop wasting money pretending we have a bus system or build one that works.”

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  • The Editor says:

    Meghann Coughlan Hernandez Says:

    Dan Bue just keeps impressing me. One of the few council candidates who is really saying something. I hope everyone considers voting for him.

    He was the foster parent of a friend of mine, (in high school). The Bues were so kind and caring. If only every foster family was that invested in the kids that came through their doors.

    I am so impressed to see that his quality of character extends itself to a wide variety of avenues. If we don’t vote this guy a seat on council we’re doing Abbotsford a serious disservice.

    From Facebook:

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