Abbotsford South Posts Large Increase In Advance Poll Turnout

From The latest numbers from the advance polls show Abbot-South among the top five ridings for increased turnout wit 10.2 percent of the eligible voters turning out early – a 4.64 percent increase over 2009 advance polls.

Last week the website predicted that Abbotsford West was one of the ridings that might change hands in Tuesday’s election.

“To summarize the changes, the BC Liberals’ scenario looks less glum and they appear to be in a position to salvage a decent number of seats in the upcoming election. It is nowhere close to a majority as I believe there are too many seats out of their reach. Putting a long story short, they will have bled about 10% of their vote from the 2009 election and while some of that will go to the other parties, much of it will disappear into the “non-voter” void that is never reflected in percentages.”

Earlier today Alex Tsakumis predicted John van Dongen would win Abbotsford South; Moe Gill would win Abbotsford West and Simon Gibson would win Abbotsford Mission.

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Percentage Increase

May 10-12 Poll

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