Abbotsford Taxpayers Appear To Have Been Misled.

By April 17, 2013Hot Topic

Open Letter To Mayor Bruce Banman: Dear Mr. Banman, YMCA’s letter was described as an “indefinite withdrawal” from the process. The YMCA’s actual letter suggests the exact opposite is true.

For what purpose did you play cat-and-mouse with your constituents about the relevant truth of this matter?

Abbotsford taxpayers deserve an honest explanation from you about why you misdirected your constituents at the last public meeting about the YMCA’s status.

Abbotsford taxpayers expect the City to terminate the proposed relationship with YMCA without further equivocation.

Very disappointed.


Walter Neufeld

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  • BCGuy says:

    The Mayor and his “Good Ship Lolli-Pop” are slowly sinking…at least to new levels of lowness in trying to once again deceive the tax payers of Abbotsford.

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